An NPR Reporter Gets Pain Relief

Rather than seeing it, you can hear about back pain relief due to not-your-mother’s posture alignment. NPR Science Desk Reporter Michaeleen Doucleff had suffered from back pain for 10 years. Then she met Jenn Sherer at the Spinefulness Studio and re-learned how to sit. The result? An astounding “oh wow!”.

Michaeleen then decided to check out the science behind it and spoke with Anthropologist David Raichlen at the University of Arizona, orthopedic surgeon Nomi Khan of Sutters Health’s Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and biomechanist William Marras who directs the Spine Research Institute at Ohio State University. All agreed with Spinefulness hypothesis and methods: it’s all about the position of your pelvis and not tucking it when you sit. It’s also not about blaming the act of sitting itself either; we don’t necessarily sit much more than active, traditional cultures. It’s how you sit that matters.

So, hinge at the hips when you bend to sit (“fig leaf” area goes between the legs!), untuck that pelvis, relax the stomach and chest, and let your vertebrae do their skeletal jobs of keeping you stacked and upright.

Find a teacher now to have your “oh wow!” moment and get out of pain just like Michaeleen did.