Posture Tip: Bring the Food to you

Let the Feast Begin!

Food and eating are a big part of our everyday lives. And during special occasions, especially around the holidays, we find ourselves seated at a table even more than usual. To reduce muscle strain and painful curving of the back and neck, sit with a relaxed and aligned spine. Then, bring the food to your mouth. Avoid hunching over the table. If you do need to lean, move the butt far back in the chair and hinge forward from the deepest crease in the front of your hips, bringing along a flat back.

Man sitting and eating face obscured

How we eat today

This man is hunching over his food, bringing his body to the food, not the food to his mouth. His upper back and neck are now rounded over, causing the muscles to support a heavy head. Over the years, this continual rounding while performing activities — eating, reading, working, texting — creates a hardened cashew shape along the spine, among other misalignments. So this holiday season, bring that fork, that wine glass, or that piece of bread to you. Eating, along with sitting, should be a pleasure, not a painful chore.

Woman eating in alignment face obscured

Eating in alignment

This woman is sitting with an aligned spine, leaning slightly forward at the hip sockets versus the mid-stomach. She is bringing the fork to her versus hunching over the table to bring her face to the food. Her torso is long while her neck remains an extension of the spine. Now, she is able to easily look straight ahead to talk to others, watch the pedestrians stroll by, and eat comfortably. Bon appetit!

Find a teacher to learn this tip and others that will help you live a pain-free life.