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Today’s modern lifestyles are a total pain. Just think about it: slouching over a laptop… straining to “sit up straight!” …sticking our necks out to text on a tiny smartphone. Ooof. As a result, our backs curve and shorten, leading to bulged discs, pinched nerves, muscle spasms and all kinds of other painful predicaments. There is a solution for all this body and back pain: proper alignment of your bones every minute of every day.

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It feels sooooo good

Let’s get to the real root of your back and body pain, shall we? Bad posture habits have made messes of spines and alignment, and our teachers help you fix the problem yourself. No miracle pills. No unrealistic quick fixes. Just bones, muscles and mechanics. So if you’re ready to live pain-free (and maybe enjoy some extra strength, increased agility, bonus energy, better breathing and a leaner, taller look while you’re at it), check out our teachers and let’s do this thing.

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Our bones are tough. They’re strong and rigid and resilient. So it’s really no surprise that our skeletons are meant to hold up our bodies, yet we tend to make our muscles do all the work and become overly tense and painful. No fair! What’s fair is that we have teachers here to give your muscles a break.

The straight-up facts for classes

  • 1
    Retrain your body to live pain-free taught by certified posture teachers
  • 2
    Individualized for your body and needs
  • 3
    All ages and body types
  • 4
    Personal attention and customized, hands-on adjustments
  • 5
    All levels — no prerequisites required
  • 6
    Compare and contrast photos of people in alignment and out of alignment

History of Posture

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Over the course of 100 years, see how our spines have transitioned from regal and pain-free to ragged and painful.

1900s (and earlier)

Tall Without Even Trying

Long, regal spines. Narrow backs. Chests and chins down.


Here Comes Change

Corsets and long dresses are out. Loose, shorter dresses are in (thanks, flappers!). Hips and pelvises move forward. Painful posture begins.


Strike a Pose

Hips continue to move forward. Higher heels bring on the hurt. People start “posing” when standing and sitting causing curving and dissymmetry in the spine.


A Chesty Decade

Chests begin to jut out—think pin-up girls like Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. Spines are compressed and butts forced back, causing swaybacks. Higher heels…bigger problems.


Why, Waif? Why?

Mini skirts and the high-fashion waif look moves hips very far forward. Slumped shoulders and droopy arms are in vogue. Backs widen and lack tone and shape.

1970s & 80s

Clear and Painful Danger

The effects of a forward pelvis and muscling through posture create upper back/spine curves in a hump shape (kyphosis), while the head and neck jut out.


Bad Habits En Masse

Pain kicks into high gear. The tucked pelvis and curved “turtle neck” prevail courtesy of a seated, sedentary lifestyle. The ergonomics industry booms, yet pain increases.


Following by Example

Kids start tucking their tailbones while sitting on the floor and even in chairs (emulating the adults around them). More and more people report body pain. Healthy backs are rare, except in parts of the world not influenced by the painful postures commonly found in industrialized nations.

Now & Tomorrow

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Don’t want to follow in the painful footsteps of the past? Find a teacher to help you break the pain cycle.

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