back pain and posture myths, revealed

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo and misinformation floating around about back pain and posture. We’re here to set the record straight. So read on to learn some truths about modern posture.

Truth #1

Book Schmook

Think all posture classes involve walking around with a book on your head? Not these. We first focus on sitting, then standing, bending, sleeping and walking—all without a novel on your noggin.

Truth #2

Ahead of the Curve

Old Man Isn’t it just a matter of time before we all need a cane, walker or orthopedic shoes to compensate for the massive curve that has developed in our spines? Heck no! We teach you how to remove or prevent “the hunch” through natural strength, flexibility and symmetry at any age.

Truth #3

Ab-solutely Not

Good posture should feel relaxed…comfortable…soothing, even. Ab crunches are none of those things. 24/7 abdominal contractions actually strain your back and create a false sense of strength, so we teach you to build stature from your spine, not your six(ish)-pack.

Truth #4

Need a Lift?

“The rules” say to lift with your knees and not with your back. We say to bend at the hip sockets, keep your back long and turn your body into a lever. It’s just simple physics. This way, the stretch is in your hamstrings instead of your back, and your not-built-to-lift knees are safe.

Truth #5

The Fall of the Power Stance

Feet wide, shoulders back, chest puffed out, chin up—it’s the power stance we’ve all been told makes us feel awesome. Thing is, the psychological research has been refuted and it can actually weaken your physical body, causing long-term damage. We have a better way.

Truth #6

These Lungs Are Built for Breathing

Okay, these tall tales about belly breathing being good for you have got to stop. There’s no lung tissue in your gut, people. That’s why we teach you the mechanics of a true deep breath—starting at the diaphragm/lowest rib and moving up the chest and back. Ahhhhh.


Truth #9

Moms Mean Well

“Stand up straight!” commands practically every mother in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Unfortunately, this is actually bad advice. Forcing your back into an upright position can lead to a dangerously exaggerated curve your back, not to mention serious muscle fatigue. We teach you the posture lessons your mom didn’t know how to.

Truth #7


Chairs Beware

It’s not the type of chair, it’s how you sit in it. We’ll show you how that fancy (and expensive) ergonomic chair is actually not the cure you’re looking for. You’ll learn how to sit comfortably and pain-free—even in “the cheap seats.”

Truth #8

What The Tuck?!

Today’s fitness classes, restrictive clothes and furniture designs all urge us to tuck our tailbones, and well, we call B.S. on that theory. Tucking your butt under and flattening the curve in your low back can cause a laundry list of issues, disc herniation and other nasty injuries. We say, “Tuck you!” and teach a natural, pain-free pelvic position instead.

Truth #10

The Proof is in the People

In order to understand and alleviate back and body pain, you have to study those in pain, right? Well, pain stats continue to rise so we say “adios” to that logic. We look at the posture of large populations of people who don’t have pain since these feelin’ good folks must be doing something right. Then we pass on that knowledge to you.

Truth #11

Playing Footsie

Footsteps Growing older does not necessitate flat feet. We repeat: flat feet are not required as you age. We help you train your feet to regain their natural arches. We also work on ankle and flexibility to improve stability and reduce falls.

Truth #12

Mastering Motion

Yes, you need muscles to be a strong athlete or dancer or, heck, human. But you also need to know how to use your body. We see it all as simple physics. Everyone has the tools and mechanisms required for power, speed and agility. Many people just need to learn how to use them to their advantage.

Truth #13

Sing-A-Long With a Long Back

It ain’t over till the tall-spined lady sings. Unfortunately, to project our voice, we’re often taught to lift our chest and “be tall”.  In fact, lifting your chest compresses the spine, shortens your stature, and compromises the lungs and diaphragm. With a relaxed chest and slightly down turned chin, your voice will easily flow and be ready for its next solo.

Truth #14

Beat the Bulk

Muscles Having a big, bulky, Incredible Hulk-y bod does not guarantee good posture. All our lives, we’re taught that our muscles hold up our bones, but we know the true strength of your skeleton. When your spine is properly aligned, your muscles don’t have to work so hard and you can trade all that extra beefiness for a slim, natural silhouette.

Truth #15

No-Go Gadgets

Aren’t gadgets supposed to make life easier? Too bad wearable posture-“correcting” devices can actually end up making things worse. They direct you—through electric vibrations or manual force—to over-arch your back, which can severely exacerbate your pain. Soon, you could end up flat on your back. And the gadget? Flat-out forgotten.

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